Follicular Unit Transplantation
(“Strip Procedure” or FUT)

This hair transplantation method involves donor hair being removed from a small single strip of tissue from the back of the head. The donor site is closed in a fine line with well-places sutures to minimize the scar. Donor hair grafts are microscopically extracted from this tissue by our skilled hair specialist team. Grafts are then transplanted to recipient site areas created by our hair transplant surgeons in a fashion that yields the most natural, high density result.

Although the cost of hair restoration procedures varies based on an individual’s hair loss severity and desires, a FUT procedure is typically less expensive than a FUE procedure. Another difference between the two procedures is that FUT results in a thin line scar on the back of the head where the donor tissue strip was taken (as opposed to more subtle, sub-millimeter, round scars). Although we pride ourselves on minimizing this scar for the best cosmetic outcome, it may be noticeable when hair is cut short. Finally, patients undergoing FUT may notice increased healing time, swelling, and tenderness compared to those undergoing FUE.

A member of the prestigious International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr. Samuels has performed more than 2,000 hair transplant procedures assisted by his staff of nurses and state-of-the-art equipment. His experience, skill and rapport with patients sets him apart.

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