The Science of Regenerative Medicine in the Treatment of Hair and Scalp Disorders

Date:  Saturday January 27, 2018

Time:  7:30am to 5pm

Conference Location:

St. Luke’s Hospital
Institute for Health Education
Emerson Auditorium
222 S. Woods Mill Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017

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Lawrence E. Samuels, MD is an extraordinary clinician now in his fourth decade of private practice. Chief of Dermatology at St. Luke’s Hospital and an instructor of dermatology at Washington University Medical School, Dr. Samuels has enjoyed the stability of practicing in one location throughout his career. This continuity has allowed Dr. Samuels to provide diagnosis, care, and treatment for tens of thousands of patients with dermatologic and cosmetic concerns. Dr. Samuels has worked to develop and improve numerous products to address the skin and cosmetic problems of his patients.

Course Overview

This one-day course is designed to enhance your knowledge of regenerative medicine as it relates to platelet rich plasma (PRP) science and treatment for hair and skin therapy. It will include written material, lectures and hands-on training exercises. We will review the most current science, demonstrate the separation and preparation of platelet rich plasma, discuss different allografts and their use with PRP and use the latest technology and injection techniques to provide participants with the skills needed to successfully perform PRP therapies strictly related to hair and skin.

We will provide a full course manual of specific protocols for the indicated areas including consent forms, treatment forms, contraindications, adverse events, and post treatment considerations. Additional materials will be included to enhance the learning experience. PRP is usually a cash only treatment and we will discuss marketing and pricing for hair and skin treatments.

9th Annual Hair Transplant 360
Comprehensive Hair Transplant Course and FUE Hands-On Course

Dates:  November 17-19, 2017

Workshop Location:

St. Louis University

Practical Anatomy and Surgical Education

3839 Lindell Blvd.

St. Louis, MO 63108

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